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Mattis & the Grand Trunk Road / Imperial Splendor

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From the album Imperial Splendor - Shipwreckords © 2014
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Words and music by Mattis Myrland
Directed, filmed and edited by Birgit Solhaug
Produced in collaboration with Feral Entertainment, New Delhi
In 2007, singer Mattis Myrland travelled to India - New Delhi, to live and study with a master of Indian Classical Singing - Madhumita Ray. The discipline and daily vocal training inspired Mattis to create a host of stories and gave him a rucksack full of new sounds to accompany them.
Back in Norway, Mattis reworked the sketches he had scribbled and recorded during his eight months stay. He gathered together some of his favourite performers on the Norwegian music scene, and named the band after one of South Asia’s oldest roads that has linked the Eastern and Western regions of the Indian subcontinent for centuries.
Mattis & The Grand Trunk Road played at several festivals in the last few years with Mattis meticulously rewriting and recording his compositions along the way, trying out various phrases live and finishing them in his studio in downtown Oslo.
The album 'Imperial Splendor' is a collection of songs linking his Western singer/songwriter background with the influence of the East. The blend is a soundscape, hard to frame into any specific genre. Its direct, yet poetic story-telling leads the way and the music varies from the spare and ethereal, to the dense and edgy. 'These stories have their own pace and attitudes and I didn’t want the standard popsong-formula to limit how they unfold. It’s a state of mind that needs constant exercise, letting the words show you the way and letting the music follow the flow of the words', Mattis explains.
Mattis can also be heard on albums and on stage with other artists on the Norwegian music scene, such as singer/songwriter Ingrid Olava, electronic duo mattisogjonas, bluegrass-quartet Lucky Four, singer/songwriter Andreas Halmrast, and jazz piano player Jon Balke.

Mattis & the Grand Trunk Road / Imperial Splendor

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Released in 2014

Eple Trio / Universal Cycle

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New album by Eple Trio, due for release in Japan on September 7th. Norway and rest of the world will follow in March 2014.

Jewelcase with 8 page booklet and inlay with dual sided print.

01 / Setting Foot on Another Planet (Sjøvaag)
02 / One Elephant (Ulvo)
03 / Island Sunrise (Sjøvaag)
04 / In Our Home, Where We Live (Sjøvaag)
05 / First Sun (Ulvo)
06 / Tippler’s Insomnia (Ulvo)
07 / And Now, Many Days Have Passed (Sjøvaag)
08 / Morning Stillness, Crisp Air (Sjøvaag)
09 / On a Road That Never Ends (Sjøvaag)

Andreas Ulvo / Piano
Sigurd Hole / Bass
Jonas H. Sjøvaag / Drums
Mathias Eick / Trumpet (track 3, 4 & 7)
Ivar Grydeland / Guitar (track 1 & 5)

Recorded in IsItArt Studio, Sweden, by Peder Kjellsby & Sjur Miljeteig, and in Propeller Music Division, Oslo, Norway, by Morgan Nicolaysen. Mixed by Morgan Nicolaysen at Propeller Music Division. Mastered by Chris Sansom at Propeller Music Division. All tracks written by Jonas H. Sjøvaag, except track 2, 5 & 6 written by Andreas Ulvo. Produced by Jonas H. Sjøvaag, Sigurd Hole & Andreas Ulvo. Cover photo (Untitled #21 / Red Mirage), booklet photos & cover design by Jonas H. Sjøvaag /