"This is a superbly executed soundtrack to long forgotten genres of science fiction movies about terraforming new planets" - Ruben Olsen Lærk / davesplacemusic.com

"A prime example of how the best expressions of the Nordic Jazz style can craft dreamy soundscapes of beauty and still be active and engaging" - Wonderingsound.com

"Sometimes almost painfully beautiful" - Carl Magnus Juliusson/ lira.se

Recorded in IsItArt Studio, Sweden, by Peder Kjellsby & Sjur Miljeteig, and in Propeller Music Division, Oslo, Norway, by Morgan Nicolaysen.
Mixed by Morgan Nicolaysen at Propeller Music Division. Mastered by Chris Sansom at Propeller Music Division.

All tracks written by Jonas H. Sjøvaag, except track 2, 5 & 6 written by Andreas Ulvo.
Produced by Jonas H. Sjøvaag, Sigurd Hole & Andreas Ulvo. Cover photo (Untitled #21 / Red Mirage), booklet photos & cover design by Jonas H. Sjøvaag.

Liner Notes:
You start in the barren desert, and then you walk through the woods. Entering a small forest island in which there are no trees, only open space surrounding the watering hole where all animals come to drink. Then you pass that gleaming, in that particular forest, abandoning the direct sunlight, seeking refuge in the shades beneath a dense layer of vegetation.

In there it’s cooler, and when you look up you can sometimes see how the sun and the blue sky peeks through the greens. Birds are audible, you can hear how they sing, how they eat and how they die. Some are caught by predators in a swift and sudden carnivorous action, others are falling motionless to the ground. The latter provides energy for a different chain; one that attacks much slower but one that is much more thorough.

After the forest comes the mountain. A steep climb, one that has not been climbed before, and it rises in front of you; rocks, dirt and compost piled up and built over a million years, but you shall conquer it, starting by lifting your body on the strength of your lower extremities. It’s humanity and evolution that lifts your body over that first rock. You are part of a community, and this is how we are made.

Then you reach the top, and the sweat is dripping down your forehead, it trickles into your eyes and makes you blink. From there you see nothing, and you see everything. The sky is blue, and the sun is warm on your skin. You’re a conqueror, and you see what you have been granted through your effort. Descending from the mountain you see water from the great Ocean flowing with enormous force, grinding away the stones in its path. When you first set foot in it you feel an enormous joy that stems from how you know that you belong in all of your surroundings.

This, in essence, tells The Observer that human emotion always relies on a connection between the body and the mind. Such is our collective nature, and we are all susceptible to modes of input.

´Universal Cycle´ was made in a time where it felt natural to embrace extroversion as a mode of output. It may not become the norm.

About Eple Trio

Eple trio is a Norwegian contemporary jazz trio playing their own original music. The group have been playing together for several years, slowly developing musical interaction and expanding the soundscape and possibilities of the modern trio.

The group have released four albums:
Universal Cycle (2014) Wimp More shops here
In the Clearing / In the Cavern (Double album - 2010) iTunes Wimp Spotify
The Widening Sphere of Influence (2008) iTunes WimpSpotify
Made This (2007) iTunes WimpSpotify

All albums have received great reviews in the Norwegian and international press, and can be bought on ITUNES, CDON.COM, or in other online or physical record stores.
Eple Trio's members are highly acclaimed musicians on the Norwegian music scene, collaborating with some of Norways finest, such as Karl Seglem, Mathias Eick and Jon Eberson.

On their third release, the double album ‘In the Clearing / In the Cavern,’ Eple trio shows how they are in complete control of their format. Since their last release in 2008 they have grown both in form and expression, and appear as confident musicians and representatives for modern contemporary jazz.

The album was recorded deep within the Swedish forests by Sjur Miljeteig and Peder Kjellsby. This is heard in both the sonic qualities of the recording, as well as in the qualities dwelling in the performances and the music stretching just beyond 60 minutes in total.
In the liner notes, written by Jonas H. Sjøvaag, it says that ‘this is in many ways programme music [...] a sonic description of a part of the Northern hemisphere.’ This can be heard in the subtle references to Norwegian folk music, in passages resembling the Swedish pianist Jan Johansson, and you can sense them in the images created in us when listening. The music is all original, written by Jonas H. Sjøvaag and Andreas Ulvo, or by Eple Trio. It has been arrange by Eple Trio, and mixed by Peder Kjellsby, Jonas H. Sjøvaag and Andreas Ulvo. Sjøvaag also made the artwork, and took the cover and booklet photos.

Available in high resolution: 24/96 ALAC €20.00

Universal Cycle / Eple Trio

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"Symbolically, the concluding piece is Sjøvaag's "On a Road That Never Ends," encompasses this excellent trio impressive vision and spirit."

"...ein hugnad å lytte til ein trio som i seg sjølv har gått eigne vegar i eit i utgangspunktet klassisk format i jazzen" - Roald Helgheim

"Styrken i Universal cycle gir seg til kjenne i det organiske. Det er en sann kunst å senke skuldrene, holde tilbake og la kraften i det varsomme fortelle levende historier" - Arild R. Andersen

"En klassiker er skapt. For vakrere blir det faktisk ikke" - Arild Rønsen

"...en klassiker fra en av jazzverdenens hippeste utvida "pianotrioer" - Tor Hammerø

"A prime example of how the best expressions of the Nordic Jazz style can craft dreamy soundscapes of beauty and still be active and engaging" - Wonderingsound.com

"This is a superbly executed soundtrack to long forgotten genres of science fiction movies about terraforming new planets" - Ruben Olsen Lærk

"...en sømløs enhet av glimrende solister i inspirert samspill" - Olav Gorseth

"Ibland är det så fint att det nästan är smärtsamt - det är skört och sårbart och strålande" - Carl Magnus Juliusson

"Bandet forteller ekstremt tydelige historier som denne lytteren tas med i og tror på. Det er historier om at vakkert finnes" - Aron Nørsteby

"Just abeautiful album" - Dave Sumner

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Eple Trio - Made This (2007) front cover