Jonas H. Sjøvaag / Juhani Silvola - press image creamy / (c) Jonas H. Sjøvaag 2015

Through Aether

Jonas H. Sjøvaag (percussion) & Juhani Silvola (guitars)

Guitarist Juhani Silvola (FI/NO) mainly operates in the field of folk music, touring frequently with his wife, Scottish fiddler Sarah Jane Summers, and his output in this duo draws heavily on the influences of music from the highlands. Combined with Sjøvaags percussion setup that includes from frame drums, doumbek, riq and other hand percussion, the musical result is an original take on improvisational music where the journey takes the listeners through early music-ish soundscapes, via rhytmical patterns influenced by Indian talas, to folk- and dance-grooves from Scotland and beyond.

The duo plans to release their debut album early in 2016.